The Clansman Radio System

The Initiate Box

The initiate box is connected between an RT351 or RT352 and an ARFAT/TUAAM antenna tuning system and is connected to one of the headset sockets on the RT351 (at the time of writing I am not certain which one, although I would expect it is socket 2 if the initiate box is usable with the RT351M on which socket 1 is dedicated to the BID crypto device. )

The connections are:
  1. RT351 audio socket to Initiate "Manpack" port (7-pin male-female cable)
  2. Initiate "ATU" port to ARFAT (7 pin male-male cable)
  3. Initiate "Audio" port to Headgear

I'll add a diagram when I get a chance.

The Initiate box has a 2A fuse, a manual tune button, and a switch marked "N/S" of which I do not presently know the function.


Weight 750g
Length 120mm
Width 85mm
Height 70mm
Part No. NSN 5820-99-630-6488
Maker Racal-BCC

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