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This is Iain Moffat's personal site hosted by Ionos 1&1 Ltd.. The owner's address for legal purposes is:

The owner provides web space to a number of organisations as a service to the amateur radio community and contact details are separately provided via links on their pages.

Data Protection

This website is is hosted in and managed from the United Kingdom and is under the jurisdiction of English law. This web site is operated by Iain Moffat and is registered number Z2865639 with the Information Commissioner's Office. Within the EU GDPR and its transcription into UK law the basis of data processing is my legitimate interest to maintain the proper and secure operation of this web site see which does not require explicit consent.

Log Data Collected

The only personal data collected by the main, public part of this website is web server access logs which are necessary to diagnose technical problems or security issues after the event. These include:

Log data is retained until the Sunday of the tenth week after your visit to this site.

Data Sharing

The site owner does not use or share collected data for marketing purposes.

The site owner may share log data and the results of lookups of public location, domain and IP databases using the log data as search criteria with law enforcement agencies or your network provider if necessary to investigate performance or security issues. In the case of microsites hosted by this domain the logs for each microsite will be shared with the microsite owner including application access and debug logs. This will be included in the microsite terms and conditions as required.

Cookies and Tracking

My personal web site is a static site and does not use cookies or need cookie warnings.

Microsites within this domain may be based on web applications which require essential cookies to function (for example, but not solely limited to, as part of a login mechanism restricting access to authorised users). Pages and microsites needing cookies to function will either have a pop-up to obtain consent or will require a username and password to log in and obtain consent as part of that process.

The UK information Commissioner's Office publishes more information about cookies at and how to control them.


Everything on my own pages is Copyright © Iain Moffat unless otherwise stated on the relevant page(s)and may be used under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 license (CC BY-SA 4.0). Please read the legal page for more details.

Copyright for content and files in microsites hosted within this domain is according to the individual site policies. Please refer to their own legal pages for further information.

Last Updated January 2021.