Welcome to Iain Moffat's Web Site

These are my personal web pages. Please see the links below for various sub-sites. I am a professional telecommunications and IT engineer working mostly with (Cisco) networks, checkpoint firewalls  and various UNIX and Linux versions (see my CV link for more details) and am a BCS Member and Chartered IT Professional (CITP). My background is in electronics and radio with a (CNAA) degree from Robert Gordons University in 1987 although I started life on a croft in the foothills of Ben Wyvis in the Scottish Highlands.

I have lived in Suffolk in the East of England since 1987 and have worked at Adastral Park (formerly BT Laboratories) for most of that time although I travelled extensively in the 1990s and early 2000s. In my earlier career I worked on ISDN, Video Conferencing and the design of boards and integrated circuits for those systems, and carried out early research on VOIP which led to my one published paper.

Outside of my professional activites I am a photographer, radio amateur (Licensed as GM1WCK in 1986 and G0OZS since 1991) and Land Rover enthusiast who enjoys living in the Suffolk countryside near Mendlesham.

I run this site partly as a service to local Felixstowe and Harwich radio clubs and the Vintage & Military Amateur Radio Society, partly as continuing professional development and partly to host my photographic archives.