Clansman AM352 20 Watt Amplifier

The AM352 amplifier fitted between the RT351 and a battery to provide a high power portable or clip-in set. The amplifier covers 20 to 76MHz in three bands and provides 20 to 30 watts out for 4 to 5 watts of drive. It is a class-C amplifier so only useful for FM and CW. It draws just over 2 amps on TX and uses RF sensing to switch between TX and RX. Harmonics are better than -55dBc across the band for a good specimen. The Amp works fine on the "30 to 40MHz" band down to 28.5MHz in Amateur use.

The switch positions are:
O Off / Pass through
T Test (disables RT351 side tone)
30-40MHz Off / Pass through
40-55MHz Off / Pass through
55-76MHz Off / Pass through

The AM352 requires an antenna well matched to 50 ohms, i.e. a GSA, an EVHF pineapple, or a resonant antenna cut to size. The UK/PRC352 set can be used with a vehicle whip in conjunction with a TUUAM and INITIATE box.

AM352 20W AMP

AM352 20W AMP

AM352 20W AMP

AM352 20W AMP

AM352 20W AMP

AM352 20W AMP

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